Fine rugs

Hand-washing & repair of fine rugs

Although we clean and service all types of rugs and textiles, both in home and in our facility, we specialize in the care and cleaning of antique and contemporary oriental rugs and carpets. We have a team that appreciates and enjoys working with all types of rugs, from simple floor coverings to ornate museum grade pieces. As rug collectors ourselves we understand the value of these unique pieces. We appreciate the trust our customers have in us to service and care for their rugs.

Hand-washing & repair of fine rugs

All rugs are picked up free of charge in your home. Your rug goes through a process that is relatively simple, yet very thorough.

After inspection, your rug is vacuumed and placed on a vibrating strapper to remove dirt and dust that could not be removed with any other method. This technique loosens and removes a vast percentage of the "dirt" material that is in the pile of the rug before the wet process of the cleaning is involved.

Next, your rug is rinsed with clean water, to further remove any dirt or debris before soap or detergents are added. Once the rug has been rinsed completely, a combination of a mild detergent and clean water are applied to your rug. This solution is gently massaged into the pile of your carpet, where it attaches to any dirt or debris and can be rinsed away.

After cleaning with the "soap" solution, a clean water rinse is applied. You rug is thoroughly and completely rinsed until all soap solution and dirt is removed. A squeegee presses out most water before a water vacuum sucks out as much moisture as possible. The squeegee is applied again, this time being used to push the nap of the rug back into place as much as possible.

The rug is draped over set of wooden poles and lifted for drying. Air is continually passed over the rug in a temperature and humidity controlled environment to ensure complete and fast drying. Once the rug is dry, it is vacuumed once again to revitalize the nap of the rug and bring softness back to the wool.

We also offer full oriental rug repair and restoration. Free repair quotes and rug assessment are offered with any washing service.

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What our customers say

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    "Steve brought our beat up white carpets to life again. We had given up on some pet stains and spills that kids made with various arts and crafts projects. Steve was neat and careful and polite. I will use this company for my rugs from now on, they are the best."

    -David P
  • "I have been a customer of Country Carpet since 2009. Always professional, task completed quickly, and the price is good.Thank you Steve!"

    -Nala D
  • "Great quality work! Scheduling was made easy by the friendly staff. Tech arrived on time and was careful moving out furniture. Beautiful end result, will definitely call again!"

    -Mike M